Renée Garcia


International Transurfing Institute

Renée Garcia wasn’t supposed to lead an inspired life.

Growing up poor and struggling within a dysfunctional family, her future wasn’t looking bright. She dropped out of school, struggled with substance abuse, and was well on her way to becoming just another statistic. Fortunately, Renee never lost her intuition that there was something more to life.

After discovering popular Law Of Attraction authors, her intuition was proved correct. But she still wasn’t impressed with these systems of pure “positive thinking” as they never explained how reality actually works. Then she discovered Reality Transurfing, which at the time had almost no presence in North America.

This modality filled in the missing pieces by leaving aside common New Age tendencies with actual principles she could test for herself. As a result, her life saw dramatic and unbelievable changes. She found that it’s indeed possible to create a new layer of reality in one’s life. Renée knew this system needed to be shared with others. She’s now a mega-successful entrepreneur and the foremost English-speaking authority of Reality Transurfing, working to make this knowledge more accessible to people who don’t have the time to decipher its many aspects for themselves.

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