Learn this cutting edge, psychological system to shape reality with quantum physics and connect to the highest, optimal version of yourself!

Reality 2.0

Learn the fundamentals of the contemporary reality creation modality Reality Transurfing® by Vadim Zeland!

Written in 2008 by former Russian quantum physicist, Vadim Zeland, Transurfing is now starting to see the spotlight worldwide in a big way. This collection of perspective-benders and energy management techniques allow you to peer behind the curtain, so to speak. You’ll see more vividly how reality truly functions and why things we don’t want to occur often do. Connect to the highest version of yourself via metaphysics, quantum science and the power of cause and effect. Organize your thought energy, create an environment for maximum efficiency, and realize your optimally-functioning, highest self! This potent cutting edge self development system will help you to see reality from an entirely different mindset.

Reality 2.0 contains:

11 Core concept audio lessons covering the following:

  • The Alternatives Space
  • Pendulums
  • Defeating Pendulums
  • The Wave of Success
  • The Induced Transition
  • The Alternatives Flow
  • Guiding Signs
  • Slides
  • The Dream World
  • Inner and Outer Intention
  • Heart and Mind
  • Goals and Doors

Included is homework, visuals and exercises. 5 hours total of exclusive audio!

All of this to prepare you for the deep dive into Mo’ Money and Becoming Magnetic! 

BONUS CONTENT included with the program



Mo’ Money is a course designed to assist you in obtaining a higher wealth by three distinct actions. First, reconstructing your belief system surrounding money, second, connecting with a variation of reality where higher wealth exists for you and finally attracting money via your natural magnetic qualities.

  • Connecting more deeply with a power you already obtain.
  • Developing a powerful connection with the Alternative Space.
  • Coming out of survival mode/Changing thought direction.
  • Understanding debt, unemployment and the ebb and flow!
  • Discovering what you want and what are you capable of..
  • Narrowing down your skills, trying new things, finding purpose and creating your possible life’s work.
  • Becoming alive! Generate new material therefore new opportunity!
  • Magnetizing clients, opportunities, miracles and magic via my powerful money magnetizing object exercise.
  • HAVING money!
  • Completing the circle of giving and receiving.
  • Respecting your value, time and worth!
  • Using TUFTI concepts to achieve success quickly.
  • Goal setting and taking it to the next level via the 30 Anomalous Action Challenge.

Mo’ Money sold out every live course enrollment! Are you ready for a new income stream or greatly improve existing one?!

Mo’ Money contains the following:

  • 6 hours of exclusive recorded audio from live courses
  • Money object Magnetization meditation
  • Money Attraction vs Repellent PDF
  • Daily declarations
  • Exercises, homework and much more! 



You are a star! You just may not be operating at your maximum potential. Becoming Magnetic will universally allow you to attract all the things you want in life including love, adventure and more meaningful connections. This course will teach you how to turn on and tune in to a magnetism that will turn reality into a game. Everything you intend to have will come magically, effortlessly, and naturally.

Here is what you can expect from the Becoming Magnetic Course and some of the topics we will cover.

  • Learning to truly love yourself and hardcore self care
  • Expanding your belief system about love
  •  Connecting with your higher self
  • Attracting higher people
  • Stopping the search
  • Magnetizing your love object
  •  Amplifying love to increase it

Are you ready more LOVE... both love from others and an extreme amount of hot, burning SELF LOVE?!

Becoming Magnetic contains the following:

  • Nearly 7 hours of exclusive recorded audio from live courses
  • Love object Magnetization meditation
  • Daily declarations
  • Exercises, homework and much more! 



Meet the new world sensation. It’s Tufti! A High Priestess of some magical reality… little else is known of her but she likes it that way. She has come to extend a very important message. If you can focus your distracted attention long enough to listen…

Tufti is here to tell you what to do now, granted you can take it!

Tufti believes nothing can happen to you that does not fit with how you perceive the world and yourself within it. She also wants to extend access to the Center Screen... a fantastic place of focus, clarity and optimal effectiveness... 

In this audio seminar you will learn, in depth, my favorite concept from Vadim Zeland’s latest sensation...

‘Tufti Live Stroll Through a Movie’. 

You won’t want to miss this!